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About Jefferson & Associates Psychological Services
We are a team of licensed clinical psychologists, marriage and family therapists, and a social worker. We provide individual and family therapy for children, adolescents and adults. Our clinical psychologists provide psychological and educational testing for a wide range of issues including but not limited to learning disabilities, ADHD, developmental delays, memory problems, dementia, and to clarify diagnoses. Dr. Jefferson also conducts presurgical gastric by-pass evaluations. 

We use client-centered and cognitive therapy approaches to treat a wide range of conditions including:

Depression and suicidal feelings
Anxiety Disorders, PTSD and OCD
Grief and Loss
ADHD and other behavioral disorders
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Drug and Alcohol Addictions
Self-esteem and self-image problems
Marital and relationship conflicts

Many people considering counseling have questions about the process and what it involves. Below are two articles that may help answer some of your questions.